2 South Loaning

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How to get here….

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Google Street View

The front looks a little different to the Google maps street view

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Because parking is limited if you live in Alston Moor and are able bodied please walk up to the Loaning.

There is a small amount of parking in the main house carpark (Thanks to the Hanley's for letting guests use this space.) There is NO parking outside the flat.

And there is room for a few cars just before the stone gate posts if there is a lot of people coming in cars. (See below)


Go towards Hexham on the A686.

About a 1/4 of a mile outside of Alston you will see the 40 speed limit signs. And immediately before the 40 mph sign is a small road on your right. Take this road.

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Go up this road for about 200 yards and you will see a small road on your left with large stone gate posts.

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Take this road and you will see the house straight in front of you.

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There is room for a few cars on the left hand side before the road up to the house. Only necessary if a lot of people are coming to the house.

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